Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hey!  Is it really February 1st already???  Goodness.  We've been consumed with looking at houses and basketball and traveling lately!  And preparing for Abbie's baby shower this coming weekend!  So excited!

I believe we have a baller:)  Gracie girl started basketball right before Christmas and her games started a month ago.  Here are pics from her first game.....

These are her sweet friends Lilly and Abby

She is playing Upward ball

Practicing before the game

They announce all the players before the game starts

They pray before the game

My girl was hilarious during this game.  She is a fierce defender!  Even on offense:)

I was of course hollering the whole time. Get the ball!  Quit guarding your girl and rebound:)

She took some shots

Sweet Dr. Gray came to her game

Girlfriend hustles and plays so hard!  She scored a basket her second game, and TWO baskets last weekend!  Her coach told us how impressed he was with her.  We are pretty proud of our baller!

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