Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I embarked on the P90x journey back in October...and I finished it!  Yes!! I can't believe I actually did it:)  I finished up in January.
Here's my take on it: I LOVED the exercise.  It was hard, fun, and I didn't get bored. This program is so well rounded.  I couldn't believe it.  There is cardio, weight training, and yoga.  Even some karate stuff.  Each day of the week was something different and the cycle repeats each week.  The 4th week of the month is recovery week, but it's just as hard if not harder than the other three weeks. I have found that I really prefer weight training to cardio.  And I really did not like yoga.  Ugh it was torture. I started out not being able to finish the exercises and not being able to do one pull up.  By the time I was done I could do one pull up each set (there's several sets in each routine), and even one handed push ups!  It was crazy.  Plyometrics, the mother of all the workouts, as they call it, was a butt kicker!  But it was fun and tons of work.  I ended up being able to do the whole workout and keep up:)
There is a lean version and the regular version. I did the regular, which increases your muscle.  The lean helps you lose weight.  At times I wish I had done the lean version.  I am sure I will do it again though in the future.

So, how do I look?  Well, to be honest, about the same.  I think I did lose weight, but not on the scale.  My clothes were a little loose and my body was more tone.  I did take before pictures but not after ones.  I know, bummer.  And I wish I had taken measurements!

Benefits to P90x: 1.The workout is intense and entertaining.  I never got bored with the exception of yoga.
2. You WILL get fit!  No question. If you can hang, you will benefit.
3. You will be encouraged that you can actually do an intense workout and live:) It's a pretty awesome feeling.

Downfalls: 1. The time commitment is a bit much.  Each workout is about an hr and then ab ripper is another 15 mins.  Then yoga, oh's 130 mins!  Told you it was torture.  But each program is super important for the whole picture.
2. I learned the hard way that you really need to follow the diet with the exercise.  My gut is still here and that was really disappointing. But it proves that most of our gut fat is our diet, therefore to lose it, we gotta change our eating habits.

Would I do it again? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes!

I just started a 21 day cleanse today to try and rid my body of toxins and see if we can get these migraines under control. Or gone. You can pray for me! It's a tough cleanse.  Protein shakes and fruits and veges only for 21 days.  On day 11 you can add some meats.

And when I'm done with this, I am going to do Body Pump with my friend Lindsay. I am really excited about that! It's another Beach Body workout.

I took body measurements this morning and I will take pics after I finish the cleanse and I promise to post the before and afters at that point!


Laurie said...

Go girl for completing P90X! I did it for a while (a while back), but didn't stick with it. I agree, yoga was TORTURE! I think that's what made me quit. :) Plyo was my fave.

Are you reading/doing the Body Cleanse book? Funny b/c I just saw Bethany today and she was telling me about that.

WIth all this stuff you are going to be a healthy girl!!

Lindsay said...

Emailing you Laurie:)