Wednesday, June 6, 2012


  Meet Esther.  This sweet girl is in the same orphanage our beloved Madison is from in Uganda.  


She is six years old and has been waiting on a family for a long time. When she came to the orphanage, she was the size of a little baby, yet she was three years old. Three.years.old.  Did you hear me?!  She was so malnourished that  she now has severe special needs. Kim met Esther on her first trip to Uganda, and I met her when I went as well. She wasn't talking, eating on her own or any of that when Kim was there the first time.  When I went, she was eating with someone helping her.  Now she's walking!  But still, there was a vacant look on her face.

This girl needed a family.  And we have been praying for one for her, for years now.  Finally Esther's day has come!!! She has a FAMILY.  A forever family to take her home and give her the love and care she needs.  Oh friends, you have no idea how this warms my heart.  I've been on cloud nine since hearing the news.  DO you see that smile above??? Esther Never smiled before.  When her mom and dad were there, she said her first word, EVER.  It was, "Mama."  See, there is something to LOVE.  It really does heal.

So, Esther's family needs our help to get their girl home.  Can you help?  Love is doing a massive giveaway to help this amazing family.

Go to both of their blogs! Hurry!!


Christy said...

Love this story! Thanks for sharing! Sparks a little something in me to think I might could do it again. Hmmmm

Christy said...

Love this story! Thanks for sharing. It pushes me to think maybe we could do this again. It is not about us, is it? Hmmm..