Saturday, June 2, 2012

School's Out!

Gracie and Piper finished school two weeks ago!  They had a great first year with Dr. Gray and we are thrilled with all they have learned.  Second Grade and Kindergarten are in the books. 

We finished off the year with a friendly kickball game. Oh yeah!
The Grays and The Pattersons vs. The Gibsons and The Townsends.

These are from my phone, so not super great.

That is Dr. Gray above. She's a mean kickball player:)

Philip and Dr. Gray's daughter Erica.

Ava Townsend.  Go girl! We tied.  Thankfully for our team the dads showed up, or they would have creamed us:)

The Gang.

Pipey showing off her work for the year

The girls start summer school this coming week:(  Mama is sad.  I love having them home.  But it's only 3 days a week and for just a few hours.  I think it will help with the summer boredom factor and keep those little minds a going.  And Reese and I will be eager to pick them up and have fun when they are home!

Way to go girls!

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