Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reese Update and A Peek into our Marriage

Reese is getting better day by day.  She is still coughing and spitting up some, but it's much less.  We were supposed to leave for Charlotte this weekend but we didn't want to spread any germs.  So we missed Tristen and Bella's Dance recital:(  It's been a long month, but I think in a few more days she will be back to normal.  Well, normal is relative.  Here she is wearing Piper's Amercian Girl's Doll glasses while I was painting the playroom yesterday.

Now, this next story, I hope you think it's funny. It cracked me and my friend Christy up so much, I had to share it with you.
You all know I have a pretty awesome husband.  He rocks.  Plain and simple.  When we are asked about our marriage and what we need to work on, he always says communication. And if you're reading here, you know how he thinks. And you know me. Case in point: Yesterday Jeremy and I were working on projects around the house.  I have lots of painting to do and he was doing lots of odds and ends. We went room to room discussing what needed to be done in each space.  We had some extra cabinets left over from our last house that he wanted to use.  So we were going to put them over the toilets in the bathrooms.  He took measurements and showed me where they would go.  I said it was fine.  Several hours later, he tells me the one in our bathroom is done.  I walk in there, and this is what I see....

What tha What??!!  I mean, really.  I just stood there stunned.  He said, I showed you that's where it would be.  And I just stared at him, and said, "What makes you think that would look good?"  And he says," It's just for storage, not for looks. And you can still get to the towel bar."  Cause if we move the towel bar...more painting for me.
  Oh my word, now I am only 5 ft 2 inches.  I can't even reach the bottom shelf, let alone any other shelf in that thing.

  So I was recounting it to Christy when she asked me what we did yesterday.  Then we we got off the phone I texted her a picture.  She was dying.  And so was I.  I went to bed still chuckling.  Oh I don't get the logic.  I sure do love my man though!

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Christy said...

Ok, so I just found this on your blog. I am dying again! I need this pic on my phone, so I can see it on a regular basis. Bahahaahaaa Jeremy! Got to love our husbands!