Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kids Eat Free, OR NOT!

Well we attempted our first "Kids Eat Free" night last night at the Applebees at Concord Mills. WELL, kids don't eat free there! I always learn the hard way. We get our bill and they charged us for the kids. So we asked them about it. The waiters reply, "Uhm no, kids don't eat free here. I have heard about that, but it's not here. Sorry" Ugh! Can you tell I wasn't very happy about that? And to make it worse, we had the Lucas' with us. So I cost them more money too:(

Moral of the story: If Lindsay tells you anything on her blog, do your own investigating before you follow any of it. Obviously, ask the restaurant before you sit down:)

I will do some more investigating and find out the truth on all the restaurants. Sorry if I messed any of you up!
I do know for sure that all the Texas Roadhouses do it around our area. Salsaritas and Foster's Grille are for real cause I've done those:)


Anna said...

Bummer! Hopefully they did not eat too much!

Shawnda said...

Oh no!!!!!!! I'm so sorry that happend. Big, big bummer!!!