Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kids Eat Free!

Here are the places that kids eat FREE!! Yipee!! A few weeks ago I had dessert with some friends and we got to talking about this.... So here you go

Sunday- Salsaritas and Dickies (Kannapolis exit off 85)
Monday-Applebees (not all of them do it)
Monday and Thursday- IHOP
Tuesday- Texas Roadhouse
Wednesday- Firehouse Subs and Foster's Grille

Let me know if you know more places so I can add them!


Shawnda said...

Thanks! There's a whole website dedicated to this called! But I think you might have a better running list than they do for our area! : )

Constructionman said...

Last time I checked Piper had a huge tab left unpaid - so I guess McIlwaine Road could be on there for her :-)

erika said...

UH-OH Lindsay-Where is Mcllwaine Rd.?? (or is this an inside joke?)-we will just make sure we won't go there-just in case!

Thanks for the tips!!!

The Blackburn Crew said...

okay, don't laugh but I have a whole list...we are cheap around here what can I say! Several are from South Charlotte, but most are up here... I can eamil them to you if you would like!

Michelle said...

Okay, post more when you get them from the Blackburns! :) And just to clarify - Applebees is only Monday, not Mon - Thurs. Hmmm.... I guess it's IHOP for dinner tonight, pancakes yummy :)

Lindsay said...

Yes Eileen, email them to me!!!
Shawnda, you are so good with other blogs! I'll check that out:)
Thanks Michelle, I didn't realize it said Mon-Thurs.

Lindsay said...

Erika, McIlwaine Rd is our house:) Jeremy is just being silly, you know, like he was last night:)
He does anything he can to get me to cook! Just another ploy of his:)

erika said...

OOOhhh!!! Lindsay I am sorry-now that makes sense. Thanks for your "gracious" response...a few brain cells were missing when I asked that...(Yeah, You guys had us laughing all the way home Sunday night).

Lindsay said...

Noooo problem!! It takes a while to catch on to crazy boys humor:)

JJandFive said...

ohhhhh... very cool. thank you for this post! (they'll be sorry I saw it with five hungry mouths to feed!) ha!