Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Girl #3

Here are the pictures of our sweet little baby girl.  

Head, tummy, hands and upper legs
Definitely a girl.  See the three lines?  Classic.
Yes, I know she looks like an alien.  But still totally amazing.

Oops! Posted the girl parts pic twice.  Just in case you still weren't convinced....
Here we are at the ultrasound
Nanny, Gamma and the girls waiting to go in for the US

  Thank you for all of your congrats and sweet comments.  We did have a fun day.  And there's never a dull moment with my family!  We have a good time when we are together:)

On to the questions:  What do the girls think?  Well, they haven't really said much.  They seem totally fine with it and are calling her a girl exclusively now.  They haven't asked one thing about a boy since we told them.  I didn't get to see their reaction when they first found out.

What does Jeremy think?  He said he might have to work more:)  Poor guy, all that estrogen in one house.  But he said all along that he would be totally happy with another girl.  God designed him to raise girls.  He is soooooo good at it.  Seriously.

What do I think?  I was prepared for another girl.  I assumed it would be.  But I have to admit, I didn't have a feeling either way.  So I did let my mind wander to what it would be like to have a boy.  I felt for sure Gracie and Piper were girls during my pregnancy.  This one was just different.  But I know better than to think that just because it's different, it's going to be the other sex.  I am really happy with another girl.  I feel like that is perfect for me.  I honestly can't imagine having boys.  I love all the ones around me and they feel like they are my sons:)  And someone has to make wives for them!  So, I'm just doing my part.  There's just something about "the gibson girls" that has a ring to it.  It's just the way it should be.

  So on we march as a family with three precious little girls given by our Lord to raise for his glory.  What a privilege.

  Yes we are discussing names and probably won't be ready to share them for a little bit.  We actually agree this time!  So that's nice:)  But we like several and want to honor at least one special someone.  So more on that later.


Anna said...

What awsome pictures! It is amazing how u.s. pictures are getting better and better- are those 3-D? I am so thrilled for you all- you are a good girl-mom, your new little girl will just increase the southern belle population and make great wives for those men!I miss seeing all you are going through- I loved getting caught up!

Jeanie said...

It is SO exciting to have three girls! I'm so happy for you. Now that we already have two girls, I kind of assume we'll just follow right along in your footsteps and have a house full of girls someday :) Can't wait to meet your next little beauty!

Dahl Family said...

Linds she looks like gracie I think by the picture!!! So cool!!! I love the 3D shots!!!

Denise said...

Wow... YAY for a baby girl! I love the u/s pictures... I thought I was the only one who said my baby looked like an alien on the u/s screen! I am excited for you guys. And we think names are so fun, we agree on lik 95% of our choices!

3orange1blonde said...

Yipee!! I'm so glad you're glad. I love that pure giddy and glee feeling...such a gift from God. You can raise all that estrogen for me and I'll raise all the testosterone for you. I cannot imagine have girls. Phew. Well, mine are still little, but anyways. I'm so blessed to read this blog. You look fantastic too!! so does Jeremy!