Sunday, March 15, 2009

Piper's Third Birthday

Yesterday we had Piper's third birthday party!  It was a Tinkerbell hoorah!

Tinker fairy land
Pipey's cake, she was super excited about that
Fairy wands

Christopher came to be a helper and he was an excellent one!!  Thank you buddy!
How old are you Pipey?

All the fairies getting their wings and pixie dust

Decorating for spring.  That's what tinker fairies do after all:)
Yes, Anthony has fairy wings on
Present time, always a favorite
Piper complete with pixie dust
Cake time

Mmm Mmm Good

Poor little Piper spent the morning in the urgent care before her party.  She had a bad ear infection.  But the party went on and she was a trooper!  


Jessica Moore said...

What a fun theme. You did an awesome job on the cake. I will have to keep this one in mind for our littlest. Jess

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Piper! Can't wait to hear Piper's version of her party on Wednesday. :)

demosthenes Valera said...

Jeremy, I like when you say Buddy. Yes, you are in my memmory. Because i am in a very hard situation, I do not say much. I go to Church and still very involved with the ministry. NO too easy! I like your family's blog.