Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The big one!

I am sure many of you are recovering today from the fun you had yesterday in the snow!  We sure are:)
We had a ball with our five inches of snow!  Isn't God fun to bless us with that white stuff?

It was snowing good and hard after Care Group, so the girls went out for a little bit then.

But to wake up to this was pure excitement!!  Here we all are making the trek to the hill to go sledding
The girls weren't too thrilled once we got there.  There were tons of kids and most of them were older.
How do you like them tails?
Jackson and Danny went down the hills.  And Ellie went down with me twice.
Pipes still isn't sure about all this, and she's thirsty.
Instead of sledding, they went swinging

We were so worn out that Jeremy went home to get the truck to take us all back.  Thanks honey!

And then it was home for lunch and naps.  We spent the evening at Mom and Dad's sledding.  This time the girls were totally in to it and having a ball!!  Mom and Dad have some really great hills.  But there's one little problem...there's a big pond at the bottom.  So the guys had to stand at the bottom and catch the kids before they went swimming:)  It was pretty funny to watch.

Gracie and Tristen
Oh boy, this is hard work...
La La and Gracie
Aunt Abbie and Piper.  Think they are having fun?
This is Gracie and Jack with Papaw pushing them
Piper and Tristen working together to get their sled up the hill
Jack, Pipey, T, and Gracie
Teamwork once again!

Ryan and Jack
La La and Pipes

That was such a fun day!  I sure hope we get more next year!  And now we can look forward to warm weather at the end of this week!  Awesome!

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