Thursday, April 2, 2009

21 weeks!

 So here we are, over half way there to meeting Baby G #3!  I can't believe it's going by so very fast.

 Baby is doing well and moving a lot now.  I love that feeling.  Sometimes it makes me jump cause I forget she's in there:)  

  I am doing really well!  Praise God and thank you friends so very much for each and every prayer on my behalf!!  I haven't had a migraine in about three weeks!!!!!!  And the last one only lasted for four hours!!  Can you believe that???  Our God is so very kind.

So I have been thinking a lot about what it means to have another girl....

  1.  Tons more sisterly lovin and bonding (my very fav reason this is our third girl)
  2.  Like mother, like daughter (I am one of three girls, this saying makes me chuckle)
  3. More of the same, which is A-okay with me
  4. I don't have to think up a new blog title
  5.  I don't have to paint anything
  6. Even though everyone tells me girls are harder, I really love it this way.  I feel a calling to                 raise them. I've never felt that way about boys.
  7.  God knows what He is doing.  He is giving us the perfect child for our family.

  There is progress being made on the name front.  I have several that I really like and Jeremy does too.  But we still have to have a few pow-wows about it.  The middle name is mostly chosen, which makes some of the first names I really like null and void.  But the name I am most rooting for-love the meaning of it!!  So we will see, there will probably be a poll coming soon.  
  As you can tell, we aren't discussing the names we like yet.  It's just really not fun when people wrinkle their noses up at your choices.  Plus, we want this to be from the Lord.  So I am researching names and trusting God to reveal the right one.  I think He already has....but J has to agree:)


Spirit of Adoption said...

And you are absolutely adorable!!! I love it!

3orange1blonde said...

You look so great. I love reading your blog. Wish I could give you more to read from my end. Off 2 bed. Thanks for posting@!!!