Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We got our garden planted last week.  Tracie and I usually do one together, but we weren't able to the past two years.  So we were eager to get started this year.  But, boy it was some serious work this time!  With all the rain we had, we had to keep putting it off.  So the first sunny day we had, we jumped on it.  But that meant the ground was still wet and very muddy, which makes it quite difficult to rake and plant.  Jeremy tilled the garden for us, but we had to make the rows ourselves.  It was tough!

The kids were all excited to help us. know how long that lasted.  They were off playing before we knew it.

Whew!  Are we done yet???
Nice boots
Planting peppers
And zucchini
Weren't we a motley crew???
Pictures are courtesy of Kim.  She enjoyed watching us toil in the soil:)

So we have peppers, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, melons, okra, tomatoes, beans.  I think that's it.

We will see how our garden grows...


Kim said...

It was much more fun to watch and take pics of all the hard work then to actually get muddy and sweaty. =)

Michelle said...

awesome - when should I plan to come over for a salad dinner? :)

Michelle said...

PS - i have never eaten okra before. :P they do not grow/eat that in minnesota!! you crazy southerner!

Lindsay said...

June Michelle, that's when they should be done. But we'll have to buy the lettuce since that's a fall crop:)

And yeah, Jeremy and I are the only ones who will eat okra, Tracie wants to gag that I even planted some:)