Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards

We had our little Christmas photo shoot this past Sunday. My aunt Pam took these pics for us.

Little barn in our neck of the woods
Pipes is a ham
My man

My Three Girls:)

Probably my favorite of the day

Doing the wave:)

Reesee has the best smiles:)

Huge thank you to Aunt Pam!!! (And mom and La La for keeping us all in line:) )


Steve said...

beautiful pictures, Lindsay

Laurie said...

That smiley picture of Reese is classic! And I love the one you have as your header.

Anonymous said...

Just the pictures especially the 'action' shot! Hope all is well.

Danny and Sherri said...

Great pictures!

WHERE did you find the matching shirts?! Sammi is DYING to have an outfit that matches her lil' Ellie, but I haven't able to find any......

Lindsay said...

They are from Gymboree:)

Sherri said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!
I'm gonna hafta head over there this week... although Danny'll kill me, 'cuz I have a SERIOUS Gymboree weakness! (Which is why I haven't been recently enough to see matching shirts...) ;-)