Saturday, December 12, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Gracie and I had the privilege of going to Operation Christmas Child's Charlotte Processing Center this past week.

Can I just say what they do is totally amazing!!! Literally thousands and thousands of shoeboxes go through there to needy little boys and girls ALL over the world. Monday was family day, so children were allowed in. They transform the place in to all these little stations so we can get a glimpse in to what they do there. We acted out the journey of a shoebox from an american family to a little child in Panama, we did relay races to pick inappropriate things out of the shoeboxes and replace it with something appropriate, we watched a video of them giving out boxes in Panama, and then we had snacks with Bob and Larry!

This is the assembly line that each and every box goes through. They make sure the boxes have appropriate items in them and they make sure they are filled to the brim!

I was totally awed by the way God is in each and every box. They told us story after story about how God knows who gets each and every box. One little boy got a pair of gloves in his box but he lives near the equator where it's hot all the time. The workers were puzzled by this gift but guess what? The boy's family owns a bakery and it's his job to get the bread out of the oven. He always burned his hands and the only thing he really needed was gloves!!
Another little boy got a box full of socks. Most children would have been sad about that but this little boy was thrilled. He was a burn victim and he couldn't walk because he didn't have any socks. Now he had several pair! Glory to God! He cares about every little detail of each of our lives.
Many of these children have never ever tasted candy before. Never. This will be the only gift many of them will ever receive. Ever.

So go fill some shoeboxes! I am going back on Tuesday night to help pack boxes and I would be happy to deliver yours.

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Madeira girl said...

I have been wanting to take the kids here for a while now. Went a few times before we even had kids! So glad you got to go with Gracie!