Monday, December 7, 2009

Gracie Girl is SIX!

My Gracie Girl just turned SIX!! I have to be honest, I love the fact that she is getting older. It just gets more fun! She is such a sweetheart. I can't imagine life without my little helper. She is a total blessing to me. Constantly anticipating the needs of others, especially me.

She is still a momma's girl. Loves playing with make-up and her new hair styling salon. One of her favorite things to do is to take care of Reese:) She's quite the little mommy.

She is starting to learn to read and write stories. Her first one will debut here soon:) She's pretty good in math too:)

Gracie is passionate about everyone "walking the line," especially Piper:) We're working on being respectful and humble. Most of the time, she is pure joy!

For her birthday she wanted a ballerina party. So we did a Sugarplum Princess Ballet Party from the Nutcracker.

Here's the crew...
The cake

PipeyFirst we had a royal feast and then we were on to some ballet. We danced through the house

Jeremy was entertaining them while I got ready to the next activity
Bella Boo
After the ballet performance we went to make our own Palace of Sweets....Gracie and cousin Tristen.
Sippy and Anna Grace
Lucas and Jackson
Ellie Bellie and Rachel in the background
Quite a palace

Then it was pinata time!
They did a great job. I think Jackson was the one to get a good whack and open it up

Waiting for the candy to fall
Then it was present time. Gracie was so grateful for each and every gift. And she has enjoyed them all!
Lastly, it was cake time!

Umm, we were singing to her:)

It was quite a par-tay!


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