Sunday, November 7, 2010


On Halloween we had a neighborhood outreach. Each family from our care group took a section in Cedarfield and handed out invitations. We dressed up and headed down to the Lucases to set up. We had several games, hot dogs, and candy of course!

Samuel, the knight
Madison wanted to wear my cowgirl hat:)
Madison loves for Gracie to hold her

This is my favorite picture of the night:)

Ninja/Hulk/Army man...who's Jeremy.....
Sweet girls....Piper, Sydney, and Gracie
The kids playing games

Even Doug the Pug came by for a visit:)
It was great to meet our neighbors! It's hard for us to see them unless we do something purposeful like this since they aren't out in their yards up here at the front of the neighborhood. Hopefully we can do more of this.

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