Monday, January 24, 2011


These are some random pictures from this past month...

LaLa and I made Zander, Connor, and Madison's Birthday cake!  It was a lot of work, so it's worth posting:)

A few weeks ago I had a bad migraine and was in bed for a full day. Sweet Gracie made me this picture and hung it on my door.  I am the one to the far right, and those things coming out of my head, those are my earrings:)

This is Jeremy's family, the Jackson side.  Every year they get together after Christmas to hang out.  In the middle at the bottom are Gramma and Grandpa Jackson.  Then on each side of them is their daughters.  All the grandkids and greatgrands were there too.  Even the outlaws made it in to the picture. (Those of us who aren't blood are called the outlaws:))
Jeremy's Grandpa is one of nine children, 6 bios and 3 foster.  So it makes for BIG family reunions!  Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out in time to get the whole gang.

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