Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today Jeremy and I celebrate twelve years of marriage!

I am going to attempt to write twelve things about you, Jeremy Grey Gibson, that I love.....
 Devoted: You are so devoted to me and to our girls.  As the years go by, I marvel at your care for us.  Just last night I stopped to think for a second about how you go the extra mile.  Often something little, many times it's something big.  
 Journey: God has taken us on quite a journey over the past few years.  A friend a I were recounting today how over and over God has called our family to trust Him. period. He hasn't shown us His plan yet He has asked us to follow.  And you have followed well.  You have led our family through these years with faith and trust, knowing God's plan is better than ours.
 Love: You love me, seriously.  I don't know how or why you do.  I definitely don't deserve it. I am selfish and hateful and lots of other things.  Yet, I never ever have to doubt that  Thank you for that.  What a comfort to hear it from your lips everyday, and to sense it even when you aren't saying it. wow.

Integrity: You have  amazing integrity. ( You all know by now, he got laid off at the end of November.  It was a shock.)  But you marched right back into the office the next day.  Why?  Because you wanted to shake hands with each and every person in that office and tell them goodbye personally.  You told me you wanted to encourage them.  Our friend that works there also called you to tell you how everyone was commenting on how you he handled yourself.  I praise the Lord for your integrity.  Glory to Him.

 Goofball: Oh yes, you know he is!  I love how you make me laugh, everyday.  I always crack up at something you are doing or saying.  Whether it's a stupid joke or one of the million crazy things you do.  You make life fun.
Hardworker: I know I say this every year.  But you just go above and beyond in this area.  Since the second you were laid off you have worked your buns off trying to find another job.  Thank you.  Really.  You never took "me time." You never asked for a break of any kind.  You got right to work.  They say the hardest job is looking for a job, and I totally agree!

 Friend: By God's grace, I feel we are becoming better and better friends.  Especially over this past year, I think God has really turned my heart towards you.  I have enjoyed our time together.  Whether it's talking or watching a silly movie, our time together has been sweet.

Goofball: Oh, I already said that.

Patience: Wow you have a ton of patience!  Patience to wait on the Lord. And certainly patience to put up with me.  When I am struggling you are often amazingly patient with me as I work through my sin.  You don't say much, you just wait till I'm ready.  I appreciate that.  And patience to wait on the Lord.  That really goes along with the journey He's called us to. You are walking it out with patience, trusting Him to guide us in the right direction.  And He will.

Gentle: You are such a gentle man.  One of the reasons I believe you have been given all girls:)  The way you care for them is so neat to watch.  I just love to sit back and watch you talk to them.  Whether you are teaching them something, or correcting them.  Your gentleness is noteworthy.

Diligent: You are diligent with our girls as you seek to lead them in the way they should go. As you train them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Communication: This has been the greatest struggle in our marriage from day one.  But by God's grace, I think we are getting somewhere!  I have enjoyed talking more and relating over the good, bad, and the ugly.

Respect: I respect you honey.  I respect you as my husband, as a Daddy, and as a child of God.

Sentimental:  This is one of my favorite characteristics about you.  Just now you brought me my present, in the box with that held my engagement ring 13 years ago.  It even has the hearts in that say "Marry me" (gross).  And you proceeded to cry as I opened it.  Awwwhhhh. You are so precious.  And I am glad you balance me out:) You cry, I laugh.  Just like our wedding day:) haha.  But as you sat here and cried, and I smiled and thanked you, all the characteristics above come flooding back.  This moment we just had is confirmation that are are indeed devoted, loving, caring, a hard worker, a man with integrity, a goofball, worthy of respect, patient, gentle, and diligent.

  I love you buddy.  And I pray that I get to be your wife for many many more years.


Justine said...

congrats to you guys!

Jeanie said...

Lindsay, this is so sweet. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Kim said...

How sweet! Even though it's been almost 10 years since we've lived in the same town, I remember many of these same qualities being evident in Jeremy's life that long ago.