Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

We did have Christmas around here:)
We started off Christmas Eve with breakfast at Mom and Dad's with the Murphy family. We have been doing this for years. Ryan and I have known each other since we were two. Then we ran some errands and headed home to greet Gramma and Papa! We were so excited to have them for Christmas:) Xmas Eve night, we went to my Uncle Todd and Aunt Susan's for a movie. This has also been a family tradition, but we usually go to church. This year we decided to join the rest of the family for mexican and the movie, "We are Marshall." What a great movie!!
Then it was home to get the littles off to sleep and set out presents.

The girls, getting ready to get all snuggled in their beds on Christmas Eve
The stash
Jeremy had the girls turn around all at once....
Gracie's highlight was new make-up
Piper put all of her presents right in her face, so this is all I have of her:) This is her very own camera
I love it when they wear hats:)
Papa got a new blanket
Pipes and Papa
Gracie and Gamma
Daddy got a new coat
Reese joined us after a little while:) She got some teething toys and rattles
These are the only things Pipes asked for...green lipstick and green nail polish. Do you know how hard it is to find green lipstick? And every store I went in, they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for it:)
After the girls finished opening presents, they broke out the make-up:)
Oh isn't that beautiful?
Hmmm, thought you should get a second look at that
Gamma got a makeover and a half!!
Then....we got a BIG surprise from Daddy! We are going to Disney World!!!! He handed each of us an envelope. One with a big question mark, one for Gracie Girl, one for Piper, and the last one says sweet Reese
And this is what was inside

I had forgotten the wonder that kids experience at Christmas. It was so fun this year to experience that with the girls.
The wonder lasted all month long. From doing the Advent calendar, to the Nativity scene, to eating a piece of chocolate each morning to count down the days till Jesus' Birth, they were filled with anticipation and wonder.
And I was grateful that they really understood what Christmas is all about. I took Gracie for her 6 year check-up a few weeks ago and the Dr. asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She looked at him and said, "We celebrate Jesus birth." His eyes got really big and he looked at me and said he'd never had a kid say that before. To be honest, I was surprised that was her answer too. But I am thrilled that it was. Of course she knows we get presents, but she knows what's most important too. And that makes her momma smile:)

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Kim said...

Lindsay, what a sweet post. I giggled at the makeup pictures because I know we are headed down that road with Lydia. Gramma was such a GREAT SPORT! I'm glad y'all had fun and it's always great to get a glimpse of what goes on in other homes during this special time. May God continue to enlighten your girls hearts' to see Him thru it all. Love you!