Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Tooth!

So this is a really bad picture:( But my Gracie girl lost her first tooth! Now that is a serious sign of growing up in my mind.
It was loose for quite a while and we tried and tried to pull it but we couldn't get it. Then she was brushing her teeth and out it came!

When it came time for the tooth fairy, we got out the tooth fairy pillow and explained the whole deal with her and Piper. Then we tucked them in their beds. I go to turn out the lights and Piper says, "Mommy, is the tooth fairy going to come in to my room?" Me. "Yes Piper."
Piper: "But I don't want the tooth fairy to come in here."
Me: "You won't even know it, you'll be asleep."
Piper: crying at this point "No Mommy, I don't want her to come in here."
Me: "Piper, she's really tiny and super nice. She only comes to get the tooth and she leaves."
I try to leave the room
Piper: Crying hysterically at this point "No mommy, no!!!!"
Me: "Okay, we'll have the tooth fairy come to the bathroom for Gracie's tooth. She won't even come in your room."
Piper: Still not satisified, and still really crying

Finally after 45 minutes of this I took Piper in the bathroom and told her the tooth fairy was pretend. It took me a bit to convince her that I was the tooth fairy. Then I threatened her not to tell Gracie!! (Knowing full well she would) But amazingly, she has kept it a secret.
The tooth fairy came to see Gracie and all is well in the Gibson house. Whew! Sweet memories.

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Tycka said...

wow love the first picture, lovely kids :)