Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is that a Boy?

Lauren, my sister and I went to the mall today. We had our three girls and Emma with us:) And Lauren is very pregnant with... of course, a girl! Several people asked us if there were ANY boys in our family. To which we had to reply, nope. And we have another sister:) And that is a girl in the womb too:)

We were eating lunch and this lady said "I just have to ask, pointing to Lauren's belly, is that a boy?" I just looked at her and she started laughing. Then I told her Emma wasn't mine so that was one girl down, we had four girls and another sister, no boys in our family:) Then she told me that her son was in Iraq and her daughter-in-law is pregnant and finds out next week what she is having. I smiled at her and then turned around. Immediately my heart was pricked for how little I pray for these men and women that are serving our country! I turned back around a few minutes later and said, "Please tell your son thank you for his sacrifice." I asked if he would be home for the birth of his baby. She said he is supposed to be home in May and the baby is due in June. I told her we would be praying for him and asked her his name. His name is Ben. She had tears in her eyes through our whole conversation. Please join me in praying for Ben and all the other dear men and women who are protecting us right now.

Thank you!


Shawnda said...

AMEN!! Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!! I just found out today that my cousins wife is pregnant. My cousin is in Iraq and has been on and off since the war started! He just lost 5 of his closest friends this wk in an attack. And in the same wk, found out he's going to be a daddy. They are sacrificing a LOT, indeed. May these soldiers be drawn to the One who died for THEM and made the greatest sacrifice of all!

Anna said...

Yes! Thanks Lindsay. So many times we forget unless we are faced with military life in some way on a daily basis- Thanks for being humble and asking that Mother about her son- I'm sure she was so touched and comforted- If she only knew how many prayers were sent out for him by that simple conversation!

Denise said...

Even when someone just tells me "I'm praying for J" or they ask me about how he is, it means MORE than words could express. It shows a genuine concern in their heart, rather than just feeling forgotten. I try to remember to pray for all those I know as well.