Friday, February 22, 2008


Hey All,

I only have a minute, trying to pack for a weekend of scrapbooking! But I wanted to ask you all to pray today for my man. He has an eye appointment in Pinehurst to see if they can correct his vision in his left eye any better.

Okay, I am now aware this post is going to take me a while! I want to make sure you have the background story to this one....

When he was in college he had corrective surgery done, like LASIK except totally not like lasik in the fact that it was with a scalpel, not a laser. It damaged the shape of his eyes and he has terrible astigmatisms. Three years ago he started seeing a specialist who did a surgery where he put these rings around Jeremy's cornea to try to reshape it. Unfortunately it didn't work, so he ended up having a corneal transplant on his left eye. This was a very painful surgery and it has been a LONG recovery. He is recovered but he still can't see well at all. They have tried many different things to get his vision better but it's just not working. The astigmatism is still so bad that contacts can only correct him to a certain point. So today he is going to see the Dr who did the transplant to see if they can get him on a new machine that can correct the astigmatism enough that he can wear glasses or a soft contact that will improve his vision very much. If he can't have the new surgery I am not sure what the next step is.... Guess we will find out today.

Now that is only the LEFT eye. We haven't even begun the process with the right eye, which needs a transplant as well. But it can't be messed with until the left one is stable. And Jeremy decides he wants to go through that again! It was very grueling. So for right now, the right eye has a contact and the vision in it is as good as it will get until the transplant is done on it too.

Sorry honey, I probably did a terrible job explaining all that. Feel free to correct it.

So, how does this play out in everyday life? Well I have an amazing husband who has never once complained about all this. Many of you probably didn't even know what he has gone through! What a testimony you are to me Jeremy! His vision is pretty blurry, which makes driving and looking at a computer screen difficult. Yet, this is what he does all day long, it's his job. And he does it cheerfully. He can't see details very well, just the big picture.

So would you pray with us that the new machine will work today and that we can get Jeremy's eye corrected enough to wear glasses or a soft contact? That would be such a blessing to him.

May God receive the glory for this trial.

Thank you for your prayers!


Shawnda said...

Definitely praying!!! My dad just had lasik surgery in the summer, and it turned out really bad. : ( We have been praying that the Lord would heal his eye that He would know our all powerful GOD!!!! Jason's dad has had 2 or 3 cornea transplants! And one of my best friends husbands had one a couple of years ago! We know the challenges that go with all these things, and we will definitely be praying for Jeremy!!!!

Keep us updated! And have fun scrapbooking!

Cindy said...

I am praying for Jeremy's vision and hoping that his appointment went well. I'm sorry that I've been neglecting to pray specifically for healing of his vision. Thanks for letting us know about this prayer need.