Monday, February 25, 2008


Hey All,
Thank you for your prayers for Jeremy! He did have his appointment on Friday. It went okay, not great but there are some possibilities... The Dr doesn't think the surgery he was thinking about doing will guarantee Jeremy will be able to see much better. So that was dissappointing. He sees about 20/200 right now and they don't think they could get him much better than 20/80 due to the irregularity of the shape of his eye. That is pretty good but then he would still need a hard contact on top of that. He doesn't want one of those because they are really expensive and not disposable. So if he loses it, he has to order a new one and be without sight for a few days. That for him, is very difficult to deal with. He wouldn't be able to function very well for those days. Remember, his right eye isn't too good either.
But there is a new contact that they have come out with, that's a hybrid between a soft and a hard. So he made an appt to see that Dr for the end of March. So we pray that this one will meet his needs and help him be able to see better.
As far as the right eye goes, it is pretty stable right now, so no transplant on the horizon. He sees about 20/40 out of it with a contact and that is the best it will get.

On another note, the girls both have ear infections again!! This is Gracie's second one and Piper's fifth since Nov! It seems to be the season for them. Gracie is doing well, just says her ear hurts on and off. Piper has had a fever since Sat and is pretty cranky:) I think I would be too.

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Shawnda said...

Oh wow! I meant to ask you about Jeremy's eye appt last night! Thanks for the update! Will be praying for him!

SO SORRY the girls are sick! Ear infections are so painful!!! : (