Friday, March 7, 2008


Tristen, Piper, Aunt Abbie and Gracie
Such a fun merry-go-round they have
Pipes eating her mint chocolate chip.

And Gracie doing the same

So we did make it to Bruster's for ice cream last Saturday. We had alot of fun! It became a family affair with Nanny, La La, Tristen and Abbie:) We ate lunch back on their picnic tables and about froze! It was really windy and colder than we thought. So we took our ice cream to Meemaw's house, she happens to live right there in Birkdale. So we were able to see her and my cousins Jess and Jenna and their hubbies too:) It was a great afternoon!
Oh and by the way, it was a HUGE scoop of ice cream in a nice waffle cone. Exactly what you would have gotten if you paid for it. And yes, I did wear my jammies too but I was behind the camera..
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Shawnda said...

fun, fun!!!!

Amanda said...

So cute!

Thanks for sharing these pics!

Anna said...

Sounds healthy- Kids are so soooo cute!