Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Happenings

So here is what the Gibsons have been up to this week.... I hope you find humor in the second part:)

First, we had a little Clean Sweep meets Divine Design over at my sister's house. Monday we cleaned out the closets and rooms to get ready for Baby Bella:) She is coming in a few weeks! Then we decorated and painted Tristen's new room and get the nursery ready for Bella. So that was our project on Tuesday. So now Tristen has a cute little green big girl room and Baby Bella has a crib and linens ready for her arrival:) Next week will be clothes sorting week. You know, being the fourth girl and all, there is ALOT of them to go through. While there is nothing divine about my decorating skills, I love the Clean Sweep part. So we have to enlist the help of Lisa for the decorating.


Now for the two funny conversations I had this week...

1. We were praying at breakfast that God would help us serve LaLa well.

Gracie- "Mommy, Baby Bella is coming soon right?"
Mom- "Yes she is, in a few weeks."
Gracie- "Yeah! How does she get out?"
Mom- hmmm, oh dear "Well, LaLa has to push her out. The Dr will come in and help LaLa
deliver Bella."
Gracie- "Yeeeahhh, it won't even hurt!"
Mom- "Oh no Gracie, it hurts a whole bunch!"

Of course I couldn't wait to tell LaLa this one... So we tell her and Abbie, my other sister who is home from college this week. Such a treat for us:)
LaLa "Gracie, if it doesn't hurt I'll give you a thousand dollars."
Ab- "If it does hurt will you give me the thousand?"

2. Jeremy calls home....
Jeremy- "Hey Babe, how is it going?"
Lindsay- "It's going well, how are you?"
Jeremy- "I am fine, Hey, is Kohl's having a sale?"
Lindsay- "Yeah, why?"
J- "Because I need some new black pants."
L- "why?"
J- "Because I bent down this morning and split mine. It's really bad."
L- Lots of laughter... knowing it had to be bad if he is asking for a new pair... "Okay. You know, you really should keep an extra pair of pants in your office."
J-"Well, this is only the second time this has happened."

HUH? How many times does it take honey? Like isn't one time enough to have you scared? Shows who's vain in our house!
He walked around the office with a jacket tied around his waist.
So he comes home and let me tell you, this is no little split people, it's from his waist all the way to the middle of your crotch kind of split. And it's not even on the seam!!!!

Hope you all are having a GREAT week!


Boiler Girl said...

heard about the pant split. i about split mine laughing...cannot believe he walked around the office all day with a jacket around his waist!!

Lindsay said...

ONLY Jeremy! Gotta love him!

Shawnda said...

hilarious! Those are 2 GREAT stories! Thanks for sharing!! : )

Madeira girl said...

at is hilarious! I have to tell Brian! He will not let Jeremy rest!

JJandFive said...

That is so funny : )

PJ said...

2 words: "slim fast" bro!

Anna said...

Sooo funny! Can't believe he wasn't even bothered!