Monday, March 17, 2008

Piper is 2!

Yesterday was Piper's second birthday. I seriously cannot believe she is two.
Piper is well, she is quite a character. She is a ton of fun with loads of personality. A little sugar and alot of spice (yes, it's genetic). On the go all the time is our little one. As of late, it is her mission to see how many things she can possibly get into in one day:) I am constantly asking, "Where is Piper?"
She is so adorable to us. Her Papa (Jeremy's Dad) said he never thought anyone could melt his heart, but she does it. There is just something in the way she looks at you. With those big eyes and chubby cheeks. Just irresistable. A load of trouble but when I look at her, I just want to squeeze her:)
Her first words in the morning, "Where is Dwacie (Gracie)?" She can't get enough of her big sister. She greets her so cheerfully, every chance she gets.
Her passions still include food and baby dolls. Yet she has added Nanny and Papaw to the list. She asks to go see them everyday. LaLa and Tristen are a close second. Definitely our social child. Waves to everyone we meet and tells them bye 40 times.
Happy second Birthday Piper! We Love you TONS!

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Shawnda said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Piper!