Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Good morning friends and family! Hope you all are well and pondering our Savior on this Good Friday. It's so beautiful outside here today. I can't help but think about what it must have been like on Good Friday so many years ago. It grieves my heart to look outside right now and picture my Savior hanging on the cross for my sins. Suffering in unimaginable pain and humility. Indeed my heart is heavy. It was MY sins that held him there. Yes, He could have stopped the torture at any moment. But He didn't. He chose the cross to die for me, so that I could have communion with God for eternity. Unbelieveable!
As Easter is upon us, I also think more and more about those who are dear to me that don't know the Lord. Many of them would claim to be a Christian. But they don't have a personal relationship with the Lord. They aren't seeking Him for how to live and change and grow. My heart is heavy for them too. Do they know that we will spend eternity somewhere-either heaven or hell? Do they know that Christ died for them too? Some of them do and they have rejected God still. Oh I pray for all today who can't experience Good Friday as a believer.
Jesus, thank you for the Cross!! Thank you for bearing my blame there.

What are you doing with your family this weekend to celebrate what Christ has done for us? I would love to hear. I have been talking to Gracie about the gospel alot this week and about Easter. We will do the Resurrection Eggs on Sunday morning and I think there is a recipe for bread that you make the night before and on Sunday morning it is risen. Need to find the recipe.
I just saw a cookie recipe on The Metro Moms blog. Check it out. It's really neat too.

Blessings to you all on this Good Friday!

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