Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas at our House

Christmas begins at the Gibson house on the day after Thanksgiving.  We love it around here!  All the christmas cheer, the lights, candles, baking, yummy smells, nativity scenes, and most of all, the birth of our Dear Savior.  We have lots to celebrate.

On Saturday we took our annual trip to the mountains to get our Christmas Tree....

Up the mountain we go!  And by the way, it was very cold and rainy.  Dedicated to gettin that tree though!
Up we go, which one is looking good from here???
Even the man in red was at the tree farm.  Piper was petrified of him.
There's the one!  It's perfect:)  Jeremy picked it out.
Satisified with this tree and ready for hot chocolate!
Down they go!
In the barn there is horseback riding for our little horse lover!  She rode twice.
Ummm, warms the heart and the tummy

On Sunday, it was time to decorate the tree.  Well, honestly, the girls were so worn out by Sunday night we ended up putting them to bed and decorating it together, just Jeremy and I.  It was a really nice quiet time together:)  We saved several ornaments for the girls to put on the next day.  

One of the new fun ornaments my hubby bought me.  Thanks Love!
Love glittery stuff on my tree...
Pipes putting an ornament on..
Our nativity scene... Gracie wants to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus everyday.
Just a little decorating here and there...
Our beloved snowman...
Stockings all hung by the chimney with care... Even Reilly's
My favorite, my feather trees:)
So that's what has gone on so far at our house... Oh yeah, I gotta get out our new advent calendar!  Stay tuned for that one.


The Brown's said...

Can you come decorate my house?:) Looks like the perfect day from the Lord! Fun fun!!

Lindsay said...

Oh girl, there's not a creative bone in my body. You are so kind! And of course I would help you! Anytime!

3orange1blonde said...

Wow..this is gorgeous...I LOVE the picture of you 4 and I LOVE the tree farm pictures with Daddy...turned out well. wow!