Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ray's Splash Planet

Here are some pictures from Gracie's party at Ray's Splash Planet:
It's an indoor waterpark- Kid's dream:)
Alyssa, Tristen, Faith, Gracie, and Rhiannon
Rhiannon and Nanny in the lazy river
Pipey and Gamma's arms
Gracie wasn't thrilled about the lazy river unless I was with her
Macy and Gracie

Tristen and Ellie playing in the water spouts
Sliding down.  I think that's Piper.  Nope can't be, the legs aren't chubby enough...
Papa helping the girls hold the water back
Daddy and Piper
Anthony (Gracie called him Ansofee for about six months)
Faith (Gracie called her Faif for the longest time)
Birthday Girl
Two of her favs.  A water bottle from Tristen and a Webkinz from the Lucas boys.
Faith, Tristen, Jackson, Gracie, Alyssa, Piper, and Christopher

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