Monday, December 22, 2008

What did the girls say?

So, what did the girls say when we told them we were having a baby?

Gracie didn't believe us.  She kept saying -no you're not, yeah right, etc...  It took some convincing but she finally believed us:)  She is quite excited.  A few days after we told her, she told me that "I was going to have my hands full!"  I assured her I already do:)

Piper was instantly thrilled and asked to see the baby. She rubs my belly and kisses it.  The morning after we told her I was getting in the shower and she said, "NO MOMMY, don't get my brudder (brother) wet!" 
  Then when I was going in for my first check-up she was very upset.  She said "I don't want him get a shot, I don't want them to hurt my brudder."
  Yes, we have warned her that it might be a girl:)

They are so funny!  The best part of being pregnant so far is how the girls are responding.  They are super duper excited about the baby and it's so sweet.  They are already ready to hold the baby.  We have to talk about how it will be a LONG time before we get to see the baby and hold it.

The girls have also been incredibly kind and helpful to me.  They are very understanding when I am not feeling well and they do everything they can to help me.  Sweet little blessings.


meghann said...

awwww i love how piper calls it her brudder,,,,,,im hopeing fro a brudder too:)

3orange1blonde said...

yipeee! this is so awesome and so exciting!!! weee!! here ya go!!!

3orange1blonde said...

Congratulations and thank you Lord for blessing her! Wow..this is such exciting news!!!