Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread house and Christmas Baking

One of our Christmas Traditions is baking day at Nanny's house....

Gracie and Piper are ready!
Tristen, Gracie and Piper in front of Nanny's tree
Sugar cookie making
Note to self: Bring aprons next time
To be honest:)  I didn't do any baking.  I wasn't feeling well, so the girls let me take a nap.  Thanks Mom and Ab and LaLa!  They even took these pictures for me with my camera.

Our counter is overflowing with Peanut Butter Balls, sugar cookies, white trash (the chex mix stuff), and pretzels drizzled with chocolate:) 

And lots of cookies from Lisa's annual cookie exchange!

Our first ever Gingerbread House....  Well we attempted to create this awesome manger scene last year but it was wayyyyyy too hard.  Jeremy and I couldn't even figure it out.  It was extremely detailed.  So I opted for the easy version this year:)

LOTS of candy

The girls did most of the work.  They did a great job.

There are a few traditions left for next week:)  Can't believe Christmas is seven days away!!

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Sandy said...

Awww, I remember making cookies for Christmas at the Looper household. Of course, when we did it, there was more cookie dough on the floor and on us than what actually got baked I think. Oh the memories!