Monday, February 16, 2009

It happened

  It happened today.  My first car accident.  It was just a little fender bender but still, I was bummed.  I was at a stop light and the light turned green, I went but the lady in front of me didn't:)  I wasn't paying attention obviously.  And the poor lady, I felt so bad for her.  She was crying:(  I just went up to her car and tried to console her.  She was so shaken.  She was okay after a little bit and we talked for a while.
  The girls were with me but they were totally fine.  Just didn't understand why we had to sit there for so long.  Had to explain to them that their mommy just hit that poor lady.
  As for the cars, the good old jeep has one scratch!  That a girl.  As for the other lady's brand new Rav4, not so much.  She has a big scratch across that tire thing on the back, the door is dented, and the bumper has been dislocated.  Hmmm, sure that will cost me a pretty penny.
  Could have been much worse and I am grateful to the Lord that we are all okay and that He protected us this morning.


3orange1blonde said...

I saw your note on FB...glad you're o.k. Are you going to go in to your OB? Just to check and see if baby is o.k.? Or was it really slow bump?

Lindsay said...

Thank you Lisa:) I do have an OB appt today anyway and I will talk to her about it. It was a really slow bump. We were stopped and I let my foot off the brake and had just pressed the gas.

Shawnda said...

Oh, sister! I'm so sorry!!! : ( Update us after your OB appt. Praying for you!

The Brown's said...

Oh bless you Lindsay! Thank you Lord everyone was okay!

Emily S. said...

That sounds like my car accident. Except it was the opposite - my car was the one that got all the damage. Glad you're ok!

Dahl Family said...

Me too! Sounds like the accident I had too, over Christmas though. This guy crashed into me at a stop light-he felt awful too. Though that first instinct is shock, second, thankfully everyone is OK!! Praise God your doing well!! It's a true example of God's angels surrounding us!!