Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Party

We had a little Valentine's Party at our house.  Actually it was the first of three parties this week!  Crazy, but I love it:)  The other two are at co-op and then another friend's house tomorrow.

First we made placemats....

Alyssa hard at work
Rhiannon too.  She's pretty crafty, like her momma
Cheese....Tristen, Ellie, Gracie, Faith, and Pipes
Then we made cupcakes....
Don't you wanna sink your teeth in to that one:)? Yummmm
Sippy girl
Still lovin Piper's chubby hands:)
Gracie's creation for Daddy
Sweet little T-Bird's face

Then we ordered pizza and headed outside to play in the gorgeous weather!!!

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