Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Party #3

On Friday we were able to go to our friends, the Watsons, for the last Valentine's hoorah of the week.

Laurie went all out on this one!!

The "Guess how many kisses there are" game and the gift basket
There were lots of yummy snacks
Here are several of the kids.  We know most of them from co-op.
So I must have been into the snacks since I posted the picture twice:)
The punch even had heart shaped ice cubes
Laurie played several games with the kids.  Most of the kids were older, so this worked really well and the kids loved it.  This is pictionary.
Then they played pin the heart on the human
Here goes Gracie
And Piper
Obviously I am having a hard time remembering what pictures I just uploaded!  I have been uploading pics for an hour for just these two posts!

This was super cute.  They had to see how many hearts they could pick up with chop sticks in a certain amount of time.

I didn't get a picture of all the Valentine boxes and bags lined up and all the kids filling them.  But they were all creative and cute:)

Laurie, thank you friend for having us over!  Thank you for being so creative and fun with the kids!  You are a blessing.


For Valentines Day itself, we just hung out at home.  Jeremy was in and out working and the girls and I just played around and relaxed.
Then Jeremy cooked the girls and I a candlelight dinner.  Steak, homemade mac-n-cheese, and hotdogs.  Perfect Jeremy menu. 
We talked to the girls about love and asked them what they loved.  We got everything from chocolate to the new baby:)  

The girls got chocolate, a dress, and a bathing suit.

Jeremy got a radio/speaker thingy that you can put your iPod or iPhone into and play your music. I told him this was true love cause I really don't like his music:)  And this allows him to blast it throughout the house.  Did you know he likes rap music? (And some other stuff that makes me think I am in Jamaica.)  Yes my sweet little Jeremy.  At least it's Christian rap.  But still.  It's painful. 

Jeremy got me some of my favorite chocolate and a morning at the spa!!  I've never been before.  Ooohhh I am so excited!

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