Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dan Nicholas Park

I'm baaack:) Once again, a long pause on here. I still don't have my computer back to where it was before the new hard drive, so that's taken a lot of time.

After Gracie and Ellie finished their first week of school, Kim and I decided to take the gang to Dan Nicholas Park. They have a little bit of everything!

The kids picked to ride the train first...
We had a big girl paired up with each of the littles:)

Then it was on the the carousel
Even Reese rode

Then it was on to the animals. This was the bear exhibit.

We made a pit stop at the playground
Goofy kids:)
Reese likes slides! And she really likes to climb up them
They even have a petting zoo. I wish I knew what this animal was called. Way neat.
Lastly, we finished up at the splash park

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