Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luau for Reesee

 Guess what?!  I plugged up my SD card and there were 300 pictures still on my camera!!!!  Praise the Lord!  It's SO not like me to leave pictures on there, I almost always delete them right away.  And they aren't exactly in order.  They are the pictures that are MOST precious to me from Uganda.  Can you say, the Lord did this!!  Oh I am so grateful.  There are pictures from our days at the orphanage, when we went to feed the kids, Ruth's going away party, and when I babysat her and she just talked and talked to me.  Sweet sweet memories preserved!


So I still have a lot of catching up to do.  The girls are sick, sick, sick this week.  You know how hard that is to be needed by all of them at the same time:)  But it's also one of my favorite times because there's lots of cuddling time.

Without further ado....Reese's Birthday Luau!

Madison! She sat in Mimi's lap for a long time:)
The kids had a blast swimming and swimming.  This is our first pool party since the other two have winter and spring birthdays.
Tristen and Pipes
Ellie Bellie
Bella loves Madison:)
I love this picture of Ryan and Kelly Marie
Madison has lots of pictures on this post.  I can't help it!  This was her first time in a pool and she LOVED it!  She was in the water the whole time.  She wouldn't let them out her out:)  It was so cute.

And she would just jump right in!  No fear!  She swam with Aunt Gale for a long time.
Reese LOVES the water too!
Reese and Samuel had a chicken fight.  Reese won:)
Kelly Marie is ridiculously cute!
Another one of my favorites of the night.

Tristen, Piper, and Sydney
Happy Birthday to you little girl!

Nanny and Madison.  Gosh, another favorite.

The girls wanted to do a luau dance for us

The girls always get a baby from Mimi for their first birthday:)

Happy Birthday to you our sweet Baby Reese.  You.are.a.blessing.

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