Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Safari Pictures! Finally!!

Here's our little crew of Safari goers....
And this is our van. The top rises up so you can look out and take pics.
And this, well this, is where we slept. Now let me be the first to say...I am not a camper. Not in the least bit. But this was the pits. We booked our safari at the last minute so all the camps were full. So we did get this tent, but we had to sleep on the ground. Okay, I did have a mattress but it was about 2 inches thick, no lie. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe it.
Then there were wart hogs all over the place! One night the girls swear they heard a hippo going through the camp. Seriously, they really did.
The morning of the safari...Amazing views as far as the eye can see. And to top it off, we got to see an African sunrise:) It was cloudy though. but still:)

Palm trees aren't native to this area. They are here because elephants brought the seeds in their poo.
I think these are called Cobs.
Elephants! Wow. Up close and personal.
Usually people don't get to see lions, but we did!! Our driver flew over to this spot when he heard there had been a lion sighting. It was awesome!
Hippos relaxin
In front of the hippo pool.
Can you tell we had fun?
The other side over there is the Congo. The LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) are believed to be hiding over there. There are guards near the water to protect the people on safari. The LRA are the ones who capture children to use as child soldiers.
Cute little monkey
I had to have a picture of an african tree! Yes, I know they are all African trees, but this one just screams "I am in Africa!!" You know, The Lion King. We were singing Hakuna Matata over and over.
These things are so majestic. Whoa.
The ones with the darker markings are males and the lighter colored ones are the females.

I didn't realize how enormous hippos are
Baboons are plentiful in the park!

After the safari, we went on a boat ride up the Nile. This is Jennifer, me, kim, Ericka, and Nate


We were bummed we didn't see more elephants before, but then we got to see this whole pack on the boat ride!
The crocs are opening their mouths to keep cool. At least that's what they told us.
The bottom of Murchison Falls

So safari was AMAZING! It was worth all the tent camping, not showering for three days, and being beat to death by the roads. This doesn't look bad, but let me tell you....I thought I was going to die being thrown to and fro in the van.

That's a little taste of what it was like. Think of this for 6 hours at a time, for two days. Migraine city. I was so sick. BUT still, it was totally worth it!

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