Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Madison Ruth

Dear Madison Ruth,

You! Little girl will always hold a special place in my heart. From the moment I saw your picture, I knew why your momma fell in love with you:) You are SO precious. That smile would melt anyone.
When your Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to go to Uganda to get you, I couldn't have been happier! We were all thrilled and praying and longing to meet you!
Whew! Your mommy was there for nine weeks fighting to bring you home! It felt like an eternity. A few weeks in, we found out your mom would need to bring you home alone. I couldn't have that. Mr. Jeremy and I prayed and God opened lots of doors for me to come and help you and your mommy home.
What a relief it was to step foot onto the Ugandan soil and see your mommy's face! And then it was off to meet you....
When I first met you, you were in class with your friends. You came right up to your mommy and squeezed her legs, begging her to pick you up. It melted my heart to see the two of you together.
I admired you from a distance until you were ready to get to know me. The first time you let me hold you, total sweetness.
The more time I spent with you, the more I saw your mommy's love for you, the more I have learned what God's love is like. It's unconditional, it breaks all barriers, and it's fierce.
I feel so privileged to know you Madison Ruth. To love you. To get to babysit you. To get the chance to watch you grow up. Right here, in North Carolina. Whoa.
Our God is Big Madison Ruth. He's Big and He's awesome and He's the author of your Life!

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Kim said...

What a beautiful picture of God's adoption of his children! And I have to say, the pictures you took of Madison are AWESOME!!!!