Monday, September 27, 2010


I still have more Uganda pictures. Yep, still sorting through.

The day we left, We threw a going away party for Madison Ruth. It's a time for the mommas to be thanked and they all say their goodbyes.
Kim had to go get the visa, so I got to babysit Madison and throw the party!
Madison is helping me cut the cake!
They sang, "Bye, Bye Ruth, Bye Bye Ruth, Bye Bye Ruth, may God Bless You."

Kim came with the visa, and we hit the road!

Madison conked out on the way to the airport.
She did amazing on the plane. Our first leg was overnight and she slept in this little thing the whole flight. It was so sweet.
24 hours later, we see these precious faces waiting on us!!! Our families and dearest friends, there to welcome us home.

Sweet little Sydney
The boys and one totally excited hubby and little girl waiting to see their mom and new sister!
The pics aren't good from here cause we were too excited to see our families:) Here I am trying to keep videoing Kim, but I didn't do a good job.
Their first embrace. There wasn't a dry eye among us.

Tis sweet to be home. But I do miss Uganda too.

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