Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Beach Trip

While I was in Uganda, Jeremy and the girls headed to the beach.  They really suffered while I was gone:)

Here's Papaw with his girls
All the girls minus me and Deese...
We've discovered a fun new hang out at the beach, the sand bar.  We've wanted to go before but didn't have a boat big enough to take all of us.  Papaw stumbled upon one:)  So they had a blast at the sand bar!
The water is calm and in the mornings when the tide is out, you can walk all the way to the other side.
To say my kids LOVE to ride the boat is an understatement!
They even saw lots of porpoises!  Look how close this one is.

Wow LaLa got them all to smile so sweetly:)
Reesee and Papaw
Aunt Abbie, a crowd favorite

So precious.
I am guessing Piper went tubing:)  I haven't heard this story yet
One of the highlights for the girls at the beach is the daily bike rides.  Nanny always takes them on at least one.  Looks like it was a full family affair on this day...

Love this one.
I'd say they had a fun week!  And their Daddy took the WHOLE week off with them.  He rarely gets to do that.

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