Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet Madison Ruth!

Meet Madison Ruth! This little sweetie pie is the newest addition to the Balts family. I wasn't able to blog about her before we got the visa, just to make sure there weren't any kinks. There's no way to tell who's reading the blogs. And weird things have happened for other people. But NOW she's HOME! So we can talk about her!

She is a spunky little girl. Their best guess is that she's around 18 months old. She talks really well and she's a smart cookie.

I had to bring her lots of goodies.
This is the first time she let me hold her:) awwwhhh it was so sweet. She is quite cuddly and I got lots of cuddles after this picture:)

She has a GREAT smile!
She'll sleep anywhere...
On the last day, I got to babysit her while Kim went to get the visa. She babbled the whole time! It was too cute.
Love the tongue!

WELCOME HOME Madison Ruth! We love you cutie pie!!

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