Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went in this morning to get the written ruling. K was looking over it and she realized it was wrong. It was for an adoption and she was granted guardianship per court order. Since they didn't match, we had to leave the ruling there and pray that it would be fixed by tomorrow. K called this afternoon to check on it and she was told that the judge CHANGED HER MIND and granted her a full adoption!!! Amazing!!!! We've never heard of a judge changing their mind here and doing something like that. We can't stop Praising God!!! He has done more than we asked or imagined!!!!
What's the difference between guardianship and an adoption? Guardianship allows you to take the child home but you must bring them back to Africa in three years to formally adopt them. And the paperwork is a little more tricky for the embassy. But with an adoption...well she's fully adopted now! And the visa process should be smooth and quick! AMAZING!!!!
Visa appt is tomorrow afternoon. We are hoping and praying we can leave early next week. Reese's first birthday is Wednesday and I want to be there to kiss and hug her little chubbs!

Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers!


michelle said...

Praise the Lord - so many good things in this post!!!! So glad I checked out your blog :)! That is so awesome and can't wait to see you guys next week!

Denise said...

Lindsay - I got CHILLS reading this.... Such an answer to prayer! I never even KNEW to pray for this, but K & Baby have been so on my heart, that I am in AWE! Praise God!!!!!!