Saturday, August 14, 2010


The day we got home from Africa, my baby turned ONE! What?!!

I took her in this week for her one year check-up and here are her stats:
Weight- 22lbs 4ozs which is in the 70%
Length- 30.5 inches which is in the 90%

We went to dinner after my family picked me up at the airport and Nanny stopped for a cake for Reese:)

She has changed SO much since I left just three weeks ago. Here are her new tricks and she wasn't doing any of them when I left: She holds her hands over her head when you ask her how big she is. Papaw taught her that one:)
She is crawling
She's into everything
She is squealing like crazy. I have started teaching her to sign since I've been back:)
She is eating three meals a day like the rest of us
She has drastically cut back on her bottles
She plays in the playroom with the big girls...precious
She dropped a nap (I haven't forgiven Jeremy for this one yet)
She is developing quite the personality! When I left she was pretty quiet and just hung out. Now she is spunky and loud...a true Gibson Girl.
She says "bye-bye" "hey"
The girls point at her and she points back with her chubby little finger. (That one is adorable)

I have no idea why all these pictures are blurry...sorry:(

"How Big is Reese?"
"Soooo Big"
She melts me with that smile
See....eating big girl food and she drank out of a straw for the first time at her birthday dinner.
We were singing to her

She did not like the icing! Strange girl:)
Actually she didn't really eat any of the cake. We'll see how she does at her birthday party next weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Reesee girl! You've brought more joy to our lives than we could have possibly imagined.

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