Monday, June 9, 2008

Encountering God

Lately I have been reading some serious blogs.  Each of them have had an incredibly painful tragedy in their lives.  They have all lost a dear loved one.  "Why would I read these," you ask?  Because they help me encounter God more.  These people are walking out their faith in amazing ways!  Yep, they make me cry LOTS.  But the tears are worth it.  In the midst of all the suffering and pain I see my Savior more clearly.  I see Him meeting their needs and literally holding them up.  He is their only strength and hope.  That is where we should all be, right?  They are raw, their emotions are raw.  I love that about them and so appreciate their honesty.
If you have a chance, go read them and encounter our Lord in a fresh way.
Heather just lost her husband.  He collapsed while out with one of his daughters.  They have six children. Amazing woman.
Angie just delivered her daughter a few months ago and she only lived for 2 hours.  She and her husband Todd knew their baby girl probably wouldn't make it. They found out at 21 weeks that she had lots of problems.  She is an incredible writer.  She makes God SO real.
The Davis Family are members of one of our sister churches in Maryland.  They lost their little 3 year old boy to cancer this past August.  Get out your kleenex!
Now, I wouldn't recommend all of you reading them.  Especially if you are gripped by fear of losing a loved one.  Use your judgement.  

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, Lindsay. Of course, I knew Heather's was sad and beautiful, but I have spent 45 minutes reading Angie's... wow. Thanks for sharing that one - it is amazing. Oh how blessed and thankful I feel for how many mercies and blessings I have and don't deserve, but can know should dark days come, as these women, there will be mercy enough grace to walk it then too. I think I will need to check out the Davis Family one another time...

BTW, thanks for the shower curtain! Just wanted you to know I got it. Have a great time in Colorado!!!!!!!