Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun Facts about Colorado

Last night we got together with Pamela and Nicky (bride and groom) and Pam's parents and some of the wedding party.  
  I learned some things about Colorado and thought I would share them with you, just in case you ever come out here.  Much of it you probably already know, but I am not so smart about other states:)
 1. When they say that the weather is 72, really they mean 50 in NC weather.  Hence, we are freezing:)

2.  They say Chicago is the windy city, but I think they meant Colorado!  The wind gusts yesterday were 40 mph!

3.  It snows here from Oct to April!!! Not a place for me to live!  The summer is only about 2 months long, and it's going on now, yikes!

4. The snow here is like powder.  You can literally sweep it off your porch with no problem.  The only time it gets wet is in April, then it's like our snows at home. But, it snowed yesterday!  Not here in Colorado Springs, but somewhere around here.

5.  When it's really cold, you can throw coffee up in the air and it crystallizes.  And if you blow bubbles, they will harden and roll on the ground.  Pretty cool, huh!

6.  The cold here is not like the cold at home.  It's surface cold, not that bone cold we get.

7.  The air here is very dry and crisp.  I think that's due to the altitude.  Pam's mom told us to drink plenty of water and not be surprised if you get winded just going up the steps.  Hmmm, that already happens to me.

8. When you go down the interstate, there are animals all over the place.  We have seen cattle, bison,  and horses,  all beside the busy roads!

9. Navigation systems are life savers, how did we ever do without them???

10.  There are no outdoor pools here.  Too cold to swim and summer only lasts 2 months.

11.  Most important***  They don't have bugs here!!!  Okay, they have some, but no mosquitos, roaches, or fleas to name a few.  And the flies fly slower due to the altitude!  You can actually catch them in your hand we were told.

Pics are coming, I promise.  I haven't taken any yet:)  Too windy for me.  But they just said that it's not supposed to be as windy tomorrow.



Dave's Girl said...

I love these facts, especially the one about the coffee and bubbles. Whose bright idea was it to first try throwing coffee :)

Michelle said...

Sounds awesome - I love how every place is so different! I've always wanted to get out that way -Marcy and Bob are in Wyoming and it's been snowing this whole week! Minnesota has winter Nov - April, but we did get a decent summer. Well, I guess about 3 months (June - Aug) and then May and Sept & Oct are fall. Wow, I never thought of it like that - no wonder my parents moved!!! :) Though it feels like 400 degrees here and 100% humidity, so a little snow sounds lovely right now! Thanks for the geography lesson!

Anna said...

Wow friend! So much is happening! I have not had the time lately to read blogs- or write for that matter- But to catch up is so sweet! The girls are so lovely (and funny- little Piper)And to see them growing is so wonderful. Thanks for the pictures!