Monday, June 16, 2008

The Royal Gorge

Today we went to the Royal Gorge.  It was too cloudy for Pike's Peak.  The Royal Gorge boasts the highest bridge in the world.  The views are awesome.... As Jeremy would say, it's like a mini Grand Canyon.  A very mini one, but you get the idea.  It's all rock.

The view from the bridge
Jeremy and his dad

This is the view from the bridge.  I think I had the zoom on a little.  It was FAR down.
It was beautiful:)
Jeremy, Jason, Ron, Wanda, Hez, Angela, and Megan (Nicky's family)
I do exist, just usually behind the camera.
It was SO windy on the bridge.  It was crazy!  I about froze.
This is Jason, Ron, and Hez sky coasting.  I would totally have gone but I was way toooooo cold!
We went down to the bottom of the gorge on a little car thingy
Here's the car thingy
At the bottom, LOOK at those rapids!  We saw people rafting at one point.
The bridge from the bottom looking up
On the other side of the bridge they had a little old saloon town.  Complete with a huge rocking chair,
And an undertaker,
And animals,
And a cemetery, hmmmm, poor guy
And even a petting zoo

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Shawnda said...

looks like ya'll are having a blast!!!!!! Miss you!