Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Product

I have to give a shout out to this little company.  Tracie told me about them and I love their products!  They hand make everything and it's all natural.  It's called LUSH
 Go check it out!  Here is my personal testimony...Deodorant doesn't always work for me. (Sorry for those of you who could care less)  Especially on really hot days, you can forget it. I've tried them all!  But this deodorant from LUSH works ALL the time!  You can get it in a bar or in a tub and you have to put it on like cream.  I have the tub one. 
  They have all kinds of stuff.  I bought the Dream Cream for Piper's little skin.  She has eczema pretty bad.  I am just finishing up the last of our CeraVe.
  Yes, this stuff is expensive, but nothing good for you is cheap people.
  You can even read reviews about each product on their site.  Fun stuff!

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