Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got Altitude?

  This is a popular saying here in Colorado.  I can say that today we definitely got altitude!  We went to Pikes Peak, 14,000 feet above sea level!  We took a cog railway to the top.  This is a type of train.  It took 45 mins to get up there and we went straight up, through, and around the mountains.  It was beautiful!  The pictures just don't do it justice.
  At the top, it was 45 degrees! And there is still a little snow up there. It even snowed yesterday they said.
  You can actually hike to the top if you want to.  It takes about 6-8 hrs to go one way.  Not me!  We did let some people off the cog who wanted to do it.  You can also drive up.  They said it takes about an hour to go up.  The Cog is definitely the way to go.

The amazing view from the cog
Going up the mountain...  This is a lake made by a glacier.  There are 7 of them on the mountain.  Colorado Springs gets its water from snow melt.  You can drink it right out of the tap and it's really good.

Jeremy, Ron and Jason venturing out on the rocks at the top of Pikes Peak
Awwwh, Ron and Wanda

You can see 300 miles from the top!!!!  To Kansas!!!  We couldn't today because it was a little hazy, but we saw pretty far.  And the white stuff is snow.
This afternoon we went to Garden of the Gods.  I really don't like that name. Anyway, it's a place full of rocks, just like everything here.  This is called the Rocky Mountains for a good reason:)  The mountains are nothing but rock.  
  This is a great place to hike and you can climb the rocks.
People actually climb these....
Jeremy being silly

We hiked a little.  Whew, I was worn out after half a mile!

  Our time in Colorado has come to a close.  We have had a good time.  But we are all ready to come home- to lower altitude, sweet tea, grits, and Dukes Mayonnaise.  And MOST of all-Our Girls!
  See you soon!


Chris Cagle said...

You're blog sure is prettier than mine! :-) I enjoyed seeing those pics of Colorado. Joanne and I have been out there several times, and have visited some of the same spots. Our grandson Luke (adopted by the Hengsts) lives there. Also, our daughter Melinda and her husband will live there after they are married (in Avon, near Vail).

Wagener family fun said...

It looks like you and Jeremy had a blessed time away with out the girls. I know you love them dearly but what a blessing to have this time with your hubby to bond with him and his family. I have enjoyed your journey there and pray for a safe return home.

Anna said...

Oh, What fun! Ted and I went to Colorado for our honeymoon and haven't been there since- I wish I was there! I am so glad you are having a great time!