Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tea Time

Well, we finally had our first tea:)  It was so much fun just sitting and talking with the girls.
Here was part of our conversation, initiated by Gracie...

  Gracie: Mom, we're celebrating!

 Mom: What are we celebrating?

 Grace: Baby Jesus

 Mom: Oh we are, what about Him?

 Gracie: His birthday

 Mom: When is Jesus' birthday?

 Gracie: Oh yeah, only at Christmas.

 Mom: Why did Jesus come?

 Gracie: Huh?

 Mom: Why did Jesus' Daddy send Him?

 Gracie: Oh, to die for our sins.  

 Mom: Yes!  So we can celebrate Jesus' birth everyday!!

 Sweet memories:)


Madeira girl said...

I want a tea set like that one! Where did you get it??? Fun times!

Kelly said...

How sweet! You are such a good mom.

Shawnda said...

sweet indeed! that's a pretty tea set!

Lindsay said...

I got it at the homeschool conference at Shelly Noonan's booth.
You can probably get it at their website- pumpkinseedpress. I haven't been to it yet.
The girls think it is the greatest:) I am sure Riley would love it too.

Anna said...

So, so sweet! What a great idea!

Kim <> said...

Lindsay - I look forward to the day that I can have "real" tea with Lydia. I love how you incorporated the celebration of Jesus' birth and using it as an opportunity to share the Gospel with your children. I feel like our relationships with our children are the most natural to incorporate our faith. Thanks for sharing!