Sunday, November 16, 2008


These are quite late, but we did go out on Halloween.  These pictures are in the wrong order:(

So...last we went trick or treating
Piper thought that was the greatest thing ever!  You mean you just go to the door and they give you candy??  Awesome!

Pipes and Daddy
We went to Stonebridge for their festival to start out the night
Here's Spiderman Jackson, Connor the bear and Zander the lion, Gracie-Dora, and Dorothy-Ellie
Gracie loved the big slide
On Wednesday night mom and dad's church had their trunk or treat.  This is my mom.  Love this picture of her:)
This is so fun!  My sisters and I grew up with the moms of all these kids.  Jack is in the back and not at all thrilled that he had to be in the picture, McKenzie is Cinderella, and Jake is an elephant.
Mimi and Gracie
Syndey had to be held by Mr. Jeremy the whole time:)
Tristen and Grace
Princess Sydney
Pipes was a fairy mermaid.  But she told everyone she was tink-er-bell!

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